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Hipdesk is a booking engine for co-working spaces around the world. If you own or manage a co-working space then we would love to hear from you.

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A Booking Engine For Co-Working Spaces

Our flexible booking process is convenient for you and the customer.


Users find your space on the Hipdesk site and decide they want to book. Whether on desktop or mobile they can issue a booking request within minutes.



Accept or reject booking requests from the dashboard or directly from our automated emails. We take care of informing the customer so you don't have to.



If you accept the booking we charge our 10% commission fee there and then. The outstanding amount is payable on the customer's arrival at your space.

Real Time Bookings

Bookings requests arrive in your dashboard (and inbox) without needing to refresh the page.

Hand Picked Spaces Around The World

We're building a network of excellent co-working spaces around the world that promote our core values of productivity and community.


We welcome spaces that make it easier for customers to get their work done. We look for vibrant work spaces, available quiet rooms, standing desks, 24 hour access and perhaps even food delivered right to the desk.


Community is such an important part of any co-working space. That's why we choose spaces that are clearly focused on giving customers the opportunity to get to know each other better.

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